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RO Maple Production Additional options!

Everything you need to maintain your Maple Reverse Osmosis system, or

expand your unit to fit your growing operation, can be found here!

Contact us for product or order information. 

Shipping is available across Canada & the United States.

Additional Items Kit.jpg


RO Maple Production Additional Options!

Food-grade Storage Solution

TDS Meter

pH Meter

6 Pack of Filters

Expansion Kit (21" Series)

Expansion Kit - 21 Series.jpg


RO Maple Expansion Kits!

Our Reverse Osmosis Maple Systems are made to expand with your growing operation. This kit has what you need to expand your system for increased production.


  • Tubing & Fittings in 3/8" or 1/2"

  • New Membrane 

  • New Vessel - PVC for Hobbyist 12" Series                                    - Stainless Steel for 21" or 40" Series

  • Mounting Brackets

Kits are available for the

Hobbyist 12" Series, 21" Series & 40" Series.

Please specify size when placing orders.

Option to Add a UV System!


UV Sterilization Systems are an excellent way for maple syrup producers to manage bacteria (and yeast) production in their concentrated sap.


We offer small UV systems that are a perfect fit for a sugar shack & an excellent addition to your Reverse Osmosis Maple System.


Contact us for more information about adding a UV Sterilization System to your Reverse Osmosis Maple System.

Draining the RO Maple System for Storage


For the nights that temperatures drop to freezing or below, or for storage of the RO Maple system during the off season, and you need to drain your system quickly, We recommend the following,

  • Remove the Filter Sump

  • Disconnect the Tubes

  • Disconnect the Booster Pump

  • Disconnect the bottom of the RO Vessel

The process is explained further, and in more detail, in the RO Maple Manual, or contact us with any questions!

Storing the RO Maple Membrane(s) during the Off-Season


At the end of each season, we recommend storing your membrane in a food grade storage solution, within an air-tight container to prevent bacteria growth, and to extend the life of your membrane. 

Food Grade Storage Solution & Membrane Storage Containers are available for purchase.



Check out our RO Maple Manual for more information on off-season storage.

Flushing the RO Maple System



Before shutting down for any extended period of time, we always suggest running pure water through your system to flush away any leftover sugar. 

The "waste water" from your RO Maple system is purified water! 

That means that your RO Maple "waste water" can be stored, and used for flushing and cleaning your entire system at the end of each season!

If you have questions, or would like to know more about RO Maple systems, please contact us!

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