Maple Reverse Osmosis Kits

Everything you need to maintain your Maple Reverse Osmosis system or

expand your unit to fit your growing operation! Contact us for product or order information. 

Shipping is available across Canada & the United States.

Membrane Care Kit

with 2 x 10 Storage Case

Expansion Kit (21" Series)

Membrane Care Kit

Proper cleaning & storage is key in getting a long life out of your membrane. This kit has what you need to clean and store your membrane for the off-season.


  • Membrane Cleaning Solution

  • Membrane Storage Solution

  • PH-80 Handheld pH Meter

  • Optional: PVC Membrane Storage Case


PVC Cases available for 

2 x 10, 2½ x 21 & 4 x 40 membranes.

Please specify size when placing orders.

UV Sterilization

UV Sterilization Systems are an excellent way for maple syrup producers to manage bacteria (and yeast) production in their concentrated sap.


We offer small UV systems that are a perfect fit for a sugar shack & an excellent addition to your Maple Reverse Osmosis System.


Contact us for more information about adding a UV Sterilization System to your Maple Reverse Osmosis System.

Expansion Kit

Our Maple Reverse Osmosis Systems are made to expand with your growing operation. This kit has what you need to expand your system for increased production.


  • Tubing & Fittings in 1/2" or 3/4"

  • New Membrane 

  • New Stainless Steel Vessel

  • Mounting Brackets

Kits available for

10" Series, 21" Series & 40" Series.

Please specify sizes when placing orders.

Off-Season Storage

Before shutting down for any extended period of time, we always suggest running pure water through your system to flush away any leftover sugar. 


At the end of each season, store your membrane in a food grade storage solution in an air-tight container to prevent bacteria growth.


Check out our Maple RO Manual for more information on off-season storage.






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