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In most maple operations, water is removed by boiling the sap. Reverse Osmosis technology has created a quicker, more efficient way of doing this by taking sap and pushing it through a membrane to remove water and make a more concentrated sap. The more passes through your Maple Reverse Osmosis system, the higher the sugar content of the remaining sap. Once the concentrated sap has reached your desired TDS it can be boiled down to make syrup.

  • Save hours of boiling

  • Harvest quicker

  • More control over quality

  • Energy-efficient


Our systems are 

made-to-order & expandable to grow with your operation.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis


  • Occasionally check prefilters for any sediment buildup.

  • Test the TDS of the rejected water and concentrated sap throughout the process. Once the TDS of your concentrate has doubled, you're ready to boil!

More sizes available upon request.

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