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We’ve been using Reverse Osmosis systems for over 15 years to help maple syrup producers reduce time spent on the syrup making process.

From systems for hobbyists & small producers to large

commercial operations, we pride ourselves in providing quality

Maple Reverse Osmosis systems assembled in Canada

and custom-made to meet our customer’s needs.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Made-to-order Maple Reverse Osmosis Systems for operations of all sizes.

Testing Equipment

Portable meters for testing sap & syrup so you can make your best batch yet.

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" Time is a commodity today that you may have difficulty putting a price on. Whether it's business or personal, time is something that we can never have enough of. I remember when we first started making syrup at Agape Valley Sugar Bush. Lots of sap, small evaporator, and a cot set up to get a little shut eye during a 48 hour boil. Then I was introduced to Reverse Osmosis. Removing two thirds of the water before boiling only made sense. We've been using RO since 2001 and I have been enjoying a good nights sleep in my own bed, as well as focusing my time on more productive activities."

Tim Hartwick
Agape Valley Sugar Bush

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