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RO Maple Production

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We’ve been working with Reverse Osmosis systems,  to help Maple Syrup Producers with their syrup-making process, for over 20 years!

RO Maple systems enhance the syrup-making process by removing water from the sap before it gets to the pan, lessening boil time and the amount of wood needed.

We build RO Maple systems for those who are hobbyists & small producers to those who have large commercial operations, or anything in between.

We pride ourselves in providing quality Reverse Osmosis Maple Systems, which are assembled here in Canada,

and are custom-made to meet our customer’s needs.

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RO Maple Systems

Made-to-order RO Maple Systems for operations of all sizes.

RO Maple Testing Equipment

Portable meters for testing sap & syrup so you can make your best batch yet.

Orders &

Contact us for orders and information about products & pricing.

We offer even more!

Expansion Kit

21 Inch Series Expansion Kit.jpg

Already have an RO Maple system, but wanting to add more taps?

Increase your production with an RO Maple expansion kit!


With one of our expansion kits you can double, or even triple, your production!

We create custom expansion kits to help your current system meet your increasing needs. 

Check out our expansion kit options by clicking the link below!

Drain & Store

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When it's time to drain your RO Maple system, so you can store it until next season or for those nights that we have freezing temperatures, we offer tips to make the process quicker and easier!

Tips & More Information available, just click the link below, or contact our knowledgeable staff for assitance or support!

Our Customers Say...

"I was very impressed with how friendly and helpful Paul and his team are, at RO Maple Production. I want to share my appreciation for the RO Maple Production Team and the personal and professional way that they operate.

We tap around 250 trees and purchased the RO Maple 21" Series.

It is amazing how it works, and how much boiling time it saves! It provides huge savings on time and wood!

The final product is the same, or better, than having to boil all that water away!

I highly recommend RO Maple Production's business and products!

Thank you again, RO Maple Production Team, for everything!"

John Skellenger

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Contact Us

Call or email to order, or for more information about our products.




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Welland, Ontario

L3B 5Y1


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